Thursday, May 11, 2006

Innovations around us


This is the first blog which i am writing on my own (no ctrlC no ctrlV :) ).
It has been quite some time i started watching the innovations. Before that i had a mind set that innovation happens only in latest technology or at least using latest technologies. First let me tell my view about innovation. Do you think Invention is innovation? i don’t think so. Using the existing thing in a new way is also innovation. Let’s quickly come to the point. Innovation comes from everywhere. You can ask what is 'Everywhere' everywhere is everywhere say it defense or say it a road side shop selling cheap plastic toys, everywhere you can see innovations. There was a time when i believed that balloon is a thing which is spherical or elliptical in shape but now we can see dice shaped, cylindrical shaped and of course heart shaped too.
How do these innovations happen? I have a strong view that innovation is a result of market crunch. Let me explain in detail. You are tending to innovate when there is a deadly need of new things. During the world war when there was a shortage of iron, people used CONCRETE to build SHIPS.
Or take a local example. When the government imposed strict laws to remove Movie Piracy, a new business, Home delivery of Pirated Movies started. And persons who started these were none other than young boys in the streets. Take this example. The other day i was roaming in MG Road. I had read from the news paper that the police are removing the advertisement sign boards (like “Amsavalli----> “- what a mouth watering example) from roads and that road was declared as no tolerance zone also (no one knows what this means J ). While walking on the pavement I saw a sign board that too in the parking lot….later when I looked closer I realized that the sign board was kept on a two wheeler. Yes they have bought an old bike chassis . They park this chassis in the parking lot daily and take away at the EOD.

Thanks to my mobile camera, now i dont need to carry a camera always

This is just another example it didn’t required any doctorate to innovate. Just a thought in fraction of a second. A lot of similar thoughts flashes in our brain / mind but the thing is we don’t take the pain to implement it (hey this correlates to Kalam and Vivekananda words).

Please share such innovations (Yes I believe that this is Innovation) here. Who knows, by seeing these we may also tend to innovate something.