Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Pirates crack Vista at last

Don't know about the authenticity of this. Here is the Original Post

A genuine crack for Windows Vista has just been released by pirate
group Pantheon, which allows a pirated, non-activated installation of
Vista (Home Basic/Premium and Ultimate) to be properly activated and
made fully-operational.

This version of Vista uses System-Locked Pre-Installation 2.0 (SLP
2.0). It allows the “Royalty OEMs” to embed specific licensing
information into the operating system which Vista can activate without
having to go back to Microsoft for verification. The licensing
components include the OEM’s hardware-embedded BIOS ACPI_SLIC (which
has been signed by Microsoft), an XML certificate file which
corresponds to this ACPI_SLIC and a specific OEM product key.

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